Movie submission – Paisagens 2020


1What is the Paisagens festival?
The "Paisagens" festival is an organization of the Municipality of Sever do Vouga and intends from the year 2017 to build in the county a space for the promotion and realization of films, attracting a diverse audience and capable of promoting the land and its natural attributes.
2I'm a film student. Can I apply for the festival?
Yes of course. The "Landscapes" festival is open to all people who enjoy making films regardless of their profession or history.
3How can I submit a movie to the festival?
By filling in all fields and submitting for our review. In due time you will be informed of our decision.
4If I win a prize, will it be monetary?
The prizes are always announced before a few days of the festival, so only at this time will you know which prizes are awarded by each category.
5Can I submit more than one movie?
You can upload the movies you understand, not forgetting to only classify them in the corresponding category. You can only upload one movie at a time, but you can submit multiple forms with different movies.
6Is the movie uploaded via upload or link?
We prefer that you send us a link of a service (vimeo, youtube, etc) so that we can appreciate the work. Subsequently, if it is selected, you will have to send the movie via an ftp service (wetransfer for example)
7If selected, can I attend the festival in Sever do Vouga?
Yes of course. can and should be present. The organization will be happy to offer the hotel and meals on the days you are with us. The trip is the sole responsibility of the participants.
8Will my film have a public presentation?
Yes, all selected films will be shown in Sever do Vouga's main movie theater for the jury and audience.
9Can I send additional files?
Yes you can. You can, for example, send us your resume, the cover of your movie, the prizes you have won, etc. You should submit any documentation that you deem important for our review.
10Will I receive any notification that my movie is under review?
Yes, when submitting your form, you will receive an email indicating that your movie is under review.
11Is the jury's decision sovereign or can I appeal it if I do not agree?
In this first phase of selection, the decision of the jury is always sovereign, with no margin for complaints. The jury is always composed of professionals of the area and we believe that it will always make the best analysis possible
12Even if I do not win any category, do I get a certificate?
Yes. The organization always offers a certificate of participation to all competitors at the closing of the festival, duly signed by the Mayor.
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